Should You Move to Independent Living Before You Need Assisted Living?

Several seniors feel there is no real reason to move into a senior living community unless they need the services and support of assisted living. Their thinking is that they ought to continue to live in their homes or condos so long as they’re healthy and mobile. 

Moving into a senior living community can feel like the next “big life change”, and you may feel as though you’re surrendering to a lifestyle you’d imagined as the last option. Well, it’s quite the opposite!

There are thousands upon thousands of seniors in independent and assisted living communities who will happily dismiss that line of thinking – especially here at The Manor Village Life Centers!

Aside from health considerations, there are solid reasons to move into independent living communities before needing assisted living in Calgary

Five Reasons To Move Into Independent Living

1) You Lose the Constant, Troublesome Worries — and the Home Maintenance Expenses

Take a look around your home. Is everything in good repair, or are there small signs of neglect and deterioration? 

If you see those red flags, that could suggest you no longer have the desire or energy to keep your home in tip-top shape. Possibly it’s time to move before your home investment begins to lose value. 

And a big plus: housekeeping is also included in The Manor Village Life Center communities!

2) Cooking Becomes Optional.

Speaking of buying groceries, are you tired of cooking?

Eating is not optional, but cooking can be! Residents of The Manor Village often say that the food is the best part.

If you’ve become bored with cooking and cleaning up afterwards — and understand that a steady diet of take-out is probably not meeting your nutritional needs — you will love that delicious meals are included or available in our communities. 

Many and most of our suites have their own full kitchens, so you can continue to live your lifestyle how you wish to independently.

"With independent living or assisted living, you don't give up your freedom and independence — you improve it. In fact, you GAIN it."

3) You’re Going Places: Everyday Transportation Challenges are Overcome.

Maybe your driving isn’t quite what it used to be. Or perhaps you’ve found yourself spending longer in the car to get to the grocery store and pharmacy and the places you can buy things that are essential to your lifestyle. Either way, a senior living community can drastically shrink the distances you have to travel independently. 

Providing transportation, The Manor Villages has the products and services you need onsite — a store and cafe, beauty and barbershop, medical and peripheral health professionals, and many other supports and services. 

You can stay safely here if you want to, or you can use the personalized van service or bus outings for your excursions.

4) Your Social Life Will Thrive.

Are you feeling more and more isolated? Has your circle of friends reduced, and does your schedule have blank pages? Could it be time to make some new friends?

Our residences not only have an abundance of new acquaintances to be made, but the calendar of events lets you choose how social you want to be – but if you’re ever bored, you must be boring! Because there is always something going on! The daily living amenities and opportunities at The Manor Village communities are second to none.

You’ll not only find companionship but exercise classes, card games, painting classes and other arts and crafts and hobbies of all kinds, woodworking, movie nights, lunch and dinner outings, wine tastings, music, dancing and much more.

If you can’t make friends here, you can’t make friends anywhere!  

5) The Transition to Assisted Living is Easier.

You’ve already made the “senior living decision” and probably discovered it was one of the best choices you’ve ever made. 

If at some point you need it, assisted living is the next step on that journey. Think of it as independent living with more personal services, still benefiting from the nursing team 24/7 and developing a personalized care plan for your specific needs. 

In assisted living, you can continue to enjoy many of the activities and conveniences you’ve experienced in independent living, and now you know how fulfilling the senior living experience can be without even moving from your same apartment!

You may not fully understand this until you’ve made a move, but with independent living or assisted living, you don’t give up your freedom and independence — you improve it. In fact, you GAIN it. 

Making a move to The Manor Village gives you the convenience, enjoyment, peace of mind, and, yes, the independence that you hope to keep.

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