The global COVID-19 pandemic has shown Canadians that we need to think differently about how we support older adults. The media and all levels of government have focused heavily on long-term care, and rightly so. However, the vast majority of older adults have a desire to live at home for as long as possible.

Alternative housing models

Essential to the success and acceptability of any housing alternative is the need for older adults to maintain a sense of autonomy and independence, be actively engaged in decisions affecting themselves and their community and build social networks that can ultimately support one another.

Villages and co-housing are two examples of how we can think differently. In the village model found in the United States, older adults living in a neighborhood of single dwelling homes come together as a group to organize paid and volunteer services. This model often happens organically, for example, individuals in a specific neighborhood may have aged together as a community, or an apartment building in a walkable neighborhood may attract older adults moving from single family homes.

Originating in Europe, co-housing brings together younger and older adults in clusters of homes or apartments built around shared spaces. Members work together to manage common spaces and support each other through group activities such as communal dining.

A Better Solution
Deriving the name Currie Green from the adjoining Officers’ Historic Park, the community is designed to maximize the Views of the Park while creating a connectivity to the Heart of the neighbourhood through sustainability and

Spacious and elegant 1 and 2 bedroom suites (many with offices) in a quality steel and concrete building make your new maintenance-free lifestyle quiet and comfortable. With unique floor plans, many hand-selected from previous Statesman award-winning communities, how will you choose to use your space?

As an extension of your new home, enjoy a private exercise & health club with a studio for yoga or dance classes, bocce ball & pickle ball courts, sunset roof-top patio, BBQ garden patio, guest suite, & more. Secure heated underground parking connects all three phases of the community which include The Davenport, The Alexandria,
and The Manor Village.

The Campus of Currie Green takes the concepts of both the village and co-housing models and marries them in a central Calgary location – allowing those looking for a great place to live where even quality culinary services are included. An added benefit will be Advanced Medical Group’s (AMG’s) renowned REJUV program which can help make lifestyle changes simpler. It’s these features – and much more – which make Currie Green the destination for both independent and assisted senior living in Calgary.

The Importance of Community in Aged-Care
Staying socially connected is essential at any stage of life but is of particular importance in the elderly.
As we grow older, connections with family and friends tend to slip away, and for those in aged care, this
can be quite isolating.

The lifestyle and activity program at Campus of Currie Green is designed with connection at its heart, and we are proud to offer a range of activities and lifestyle options to support a rich and full life. It’s
never too late in life to forge new friendships or pick up a new hobby, which is why our program
supports the whole person and creates opportunities for learning and connection with others.

Promotes emotional wellness
As we age, relationships and friendships change and sometimes slip away altogether. Feelings of
loneliness, poor mental health, high levels of stress and poor quality of life are just some of the
devastating effects that can occur. By participating in regular group activities including social outings,
arts and crafts activities and exercise programs to name a few, emotional wellness can be supported in
an inclusive community.

Important for identity
From religious to cultural affiliations, identity plays a large part in our ongoing health and happiness.
The Campus of Currie Green recognizes this and we are proud to offer not only a range of cultural
pursuits such as music, film and literature, but ensure the individual interests, customs, beliefs and
ethnic backgrounds are valued and respected.

Build new friendships
You can never have too many friends, and we love seeing new friendships forged. Our lifestyle and
activity programs provides fun and entertainment, as well as opportunities to stay active and socialise.

Learn new skills
One of the best things about a vibrant community life, is the opportunity to learn something new. We’re
always adding new and exciting activities to our program for our residents, many of whom are always
keen to give anything a go! Have feedback on the kind of programs you want to see on The Campus of
Currie Green? Connect with us today!

Benefits the body too
Studies have shown that increased social interaction is hugely beneficial to physical health. Socially
active seniors have a slower progression of health decline, lower blood pressure, better sleep patterns
and lower stress levels. Whether it’s participation in our Wellness program, time in the garden or social
outings with others, the benefits of regular activity on the body are far reaching.

If you’d like to find out more about our lifestyle and community at The Campus of Currie Green, click

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